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No words can describe the satisfaction that understanding your customers and/or the profile of your trade area can bring to your business.
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Silhouettes 3D

Silhouettes 3D is the first customer segmentation solution to provide marketers with a holistic view of today's consumer by integrating data and analytics from multiple sources (including 2010 Census, self-reported information, a data set of over 50,000 statistically balanced panel respondents and ConsumerIntelliBase™, our proprietary database of over 130 million households) with in-depth analysis of the needs, attitudes and behaviors of customers. Learn more.

Segmentology 360

Segmentology® 3600 is the complete segmentation solution for marketers. Segmentology® 3600 provides the most comprehensive solution available today for scientifically grouping consumers into unique and relevant segments, and includes primary research, database analysis, demographic and attitudinal studies, and competitive analysis. Segmentology® 3600 provides insights into customers' minds, needs, and behaviors for customer-centric marketing, merchandising, business strategy development and program execution. Increase loyalty, reduce churn and promote customer satisfaction with Segmentology® 3600.

Segmentology Quickstart

Segmentology® QuickStart prioritizes your customers and the marketplace for optimal marketing investment strategies. With QuickStart, versioning and relationship marketing programs are customized based on your customers' needs, attitudes and behaviors. In 60 days, Cogensia's Segmentology® QuickStart provides marketers with the foundation for Segment based marketing. We analyze your customers' behaviors from your database, as well as their 58 Silhouettes 3D. QuickStart then provides customized marketing segments that prioritize your customers for optimal marketing communications.

CAC Direct

ConsumerIntelliBase™ is our proprietary 130mm+ household level database. This robust database, combined with our in-house expertise in analytic methodologies, enables marketers to target the most responsive and profitable prospects.

Customer Connect

For retailers looking to build contacts of potential customers, CustomerConnect™ identifies and appends contact information from your POS. It is the most cost effective solution to generate everything from campaign lists to marketing databases. With your POS data, our proprietary matching algorithms and databases of over 200 million US individuals, we to help you expand your marketing programs with more likely customer records. Drive loyalty and repeat business with more of your customers - even those you could not identify before!


Connecting with the right audience, at the right time, with the right message in the right place is the mantra of digital marketing. To succeed, you need the insight and tools necessary to drive engagement at the instant consumers reach out to you over the phone, online or at the point-of-sale. iConnect™ provides real-time verification, scoring, segmentation and insight to help marketers stay on top of shifting customer preferences, emerging market trends and company performance.

Segmentation With Attitude

Attitudinal Segmentation provides the insight you've been looking for! Our proven research methods allow us to uncover meaningful attitudes for marketers -which ones are loyal, price sensitive, seeking technology, or convenience oriented. Utilize attitudinal segments in your marketing programs by differentially communicating with your customers based on their motivations, needs and impressions about your brands, and apply customer attitudes to your database to enhance your marketing capabilities.

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